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Fabric gift wrapping for the holidays

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Thinking back, I realize that all of the wrapping paper I used went to waste and the amount of waste created by everyone else puts the scale into perspective. The joy of unwrapping a gift during the holiday season or the joy of gifting a wrapped present during the holidays are incomparable. With these fabric wraps, you can still retain the sense of a put-together gift. In an effort to reduce my waste this holiday season, I have come up with a great way to use fabric wrap for all of my gifts. It's easy, reusable and creates no waste!

Step 1

Find fabric at home or swing by the local fabric shop to pick up some fun prints. This is key, you will want to find timeless pieces that you can reuse or that others can reuse over the years.

Step 2

Select your gift (so far, I have packaged gifts in rectangular boxes recycled from online orders). This will determine how much fabric you need and how much you need to cut. Word of advice, better to cut a bit more fabric and adjust later on. The fabric can always be folded a bit more to fit the parcel better.

Step 3 - The Folding

This process is a bit difficult to explain, so here is a step-by-step photo display.

Step 4

Personalize with a paper tag and twine, if you need to remember who each gift belongs to. Otherwise, you are all set to get gifting!

If you aren't inclined to use fabric wrap this holiday season, you can recycle old gift wrap, use reusable gift boxes, recycle paper bags from stores and get creative!

Here are some of my other fabric wrapped gifts.

Happy holidays!


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