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Ottawa's preloved shops

Updated: Jan 16

One way to reduce our consumption is to buy preloved clothes. If you think about it, every pre-owned garment purchased means one less new garment being produced. Each new item produced requires an immense amount of energy. I have found some of the most unique items while browsing through these shops and want to share a short guide with you.

Ottawa has a great preloved and secondhand shop scene that is spread across the city. You will be pleasantly surprised by the selection at these shops.

Bella Consignment Boutique

Located in Bells Corners, this consignment shop has both preloved items and new products. They sell home decor and accessories as well! Check out their website for more info

The Clothes Secret

This consignment shop is conveniently located in Old Ottawa South on Bank St. They have a great instagram account where they often showcase their newest products. They receive new product every week and you can always find classic and fun styles at this shop. For more information, check out their website –

Trove Fashion

Located in Hintonburg off of Wellington Street West, you can find this fun consignment store. They often have story sales on their instagram page and you can sign up to consign your clothes here. For more details on their shop, check out their website: and for new updates you can check out their instagram:

Valamode – Luxury Consignment

Valamode is a luxury consignment showroom where you can find all your designer needs a a fantastic price and pre-owned. Let me tell you, there are some gems at this shop. This shop is run by Dia who is a luxury resale expert and has one of the best closets in the city. For more information check out her website: and for the best designer content, check out her instagram:

The Recollective

The Recollective have a very curated preloved clothing selection and lots of designer items. You can find most of the items highlighted in their instagram stories ( These articles are quick to go and you have to keep a speedy eye on the items to get ahold of them. Check out their website here:

Hope you get your secondhand shop on and have a blast while you are at it!

Good luck out there,



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