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My Juice Cleanse experience

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I’ve wanted to partake in a longer juice cleanse for quite some time now. I’ve done a one day juice cleanse before but didn’t quite follow the rules. It’s harder than you think, especially if you snack a lot like me.

I picked up the 2-day juice cleanse from JOOS Up Your Life in Ottawa and started with the Level 1 – Newcomer cleanse The 2 day cleanse comes with 12 bottles (360 mL each) and a packet of chia seeds to soak in water.

Day 1

I started out my day with a glass of water and the first juice of the day. I had an aerial silks class in the morning, so off I went to the studio. Upon my return home, I completed my second juice. So far, so good. I went about my day at home and had the rest of my juices. I felt my energy drop throughout the day and start to get a bit hungry. I had half of the chia seed pudding I made with the seeds (water only). An hour before bed time, I had a puffed rice cake. It seemed to satiate my hunger.

Day 2

I definitely felt lethargic this morning and a lot more tired than usual. I also had a small headache. I had no plans to leave the house on day 2. As I consumed the juices and went on with my day, my headache continued to get worse. Eventually, I gave in and consumed the remainder of the chia seeds and had a hard boiled egg. The evening of the second day was the hardest. I was glad that the following day, I would be able to eat solid foods again.


  1. I found that the juices were fantastic and easy to consume.

  2. I found that the juice cleanse helped to shed 2 lbs in water weight, although that wasn’t the reason I wanted to do the cleanse.

  3. I cut out all caffeine for both days, so if you regularly consume caffeine, you should build up to the juice cleanse by cutting it out.

  4. I didn’t prepare too much in advance, but it is recommended to gradually eliminate certain foods leading up to the cleanse (like caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol, wheat products etc…).

  5. It’s expected for you to feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded due to the sugar content in the juice.

  6. I would recommend doing a juice cleanse alongside a vegan diet the first time. Cutting out carbs and protein all the sudden is rather tough.

For more information, this article is a good read:


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