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Essential kitchen tools

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I have collected a few tools over the years that I deem essential in the kitchen. I can't forget to give credit to my boyfriend because he does the majority of the cooking and I, the baking. The tools that I have included below, are the ones we use the most when cooking or baking. I have acquired many of these tools from a few local shops in Ottawa. The three shops listed below, are the shops that I frequent the most.

Mortar and Pestle

This nifty tool is as old as time. It's convenient to crush or grind ingredients into a powder or fine paste. I personally like the marble set, it's a bit heavier and sturdier. I use this tool for grinding lavender petals, peppercorns, coarse salt and more.

Silicone Spatulas

These spatulas are easy-to-use and heat-resistant. I like to use these for scraping down batter when I bake, for making eggs, for stirring melted chocolate. The possibilities are endless.


A peeler is the perfect tool to remove fruit peels, carrot skin or potato skin. I personally like peelers that are on the side of the tool rather than the top.


A thermometer that can measure internal temperatures of meat, baked goods, liquids or any food products is an efficient tool. Keeping track of internal temperatures is important for certain recipes.

Handheld Whisk

I have a few of these in various sizes but the large one works the best for whisking eggs, sauces, liquids or dry ingredients. Typically, a whisk is useful in baking but it's purpose can apply to cooking as well.


There's nothing greater than the citrus scent you receive while zesting a citrus fruit. This is a two way zester and it works magically. Being able to zest on both directions will speed up your prep time.


A juicer is another important tool to have in the house. It simplifies squeezing juice out of an citrus fruit. Another great option is a metal juicer tool that envelopes the fruit to squeeze out the juice.

French Rolling Pin

This tool is mostly used when baking but it can also be used when making bread. I really enjoy the french rolling pin because it is easier to control and easier to clean.

Pastry brush

A silicone bristle pastry brush is a useful tool. It can be used to spread an egg or butter wash on a pastry, or it could be used to spread sauce onto meat or veggies.


Knives are the most important tool in your kitchen. You use them for almost everything. It's important to invest in a good quality set and a knife sharpener. Two of my favourite knives: the Santoku knife has a curved edge making it easier to slice and dice, and the bread knife that has a serrated edge that glides right through bread.

I will share a few essential kitchen appliances and bigger items in my next post!

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