A self-taught baker in Ottawa, Canada with a local ingredient focus. A local lifestyle enthusiast who aims to support the local community and Canadian brands.


Apple oatmeal muffins

A healthy muffin recipe for my gluten-free and vegan friends. These are healthy muffins and pack a bunch of flavour! Ingredients 1 1/2...

Rhubarb and apple butter tarts

It’s rhubarb season. Maybe you have rhubarb growing in your garden, rhubarb is available at the farmer’s market or you wanted to try out...

Apple raspberry pie recipe

I’ve used this crust recipe for a long time and I substituted the blueberries I normally use for some apples and raspberries. You can’t...

Whole Wheat Apple Scones

Pulled this recipe out of my Cooking Light book but changed the recipe a bit. It‘s a plain scone with a bit of apple and sugar to it!...

Apple hand pie recipe

It’s apple season in Ontario and soon enough the apple baked goods will be rolling out all over. I wanted to bake something that is...

Tropical Leaves


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